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His Holy, Imperial  Majesty,
Claudio the First, by the Grace of God and the Acclamation of the People,
Sacred Emperor of Reunion, Grand Duke of Straussia, Founaise, Conservatoria and Dabliu,
Count of Amapá, Eternal Defender of the Faith,
Head of the Imperial House of de Castro-Bourbon.


                        Head of State of the Holy Empire of Reunion, Emperor Claudio I is the first monarch of the Imperial House of Castro-Bourbon to occupy Reunian throne.  Actually, His Imperial Majesty is the first one wearing the Imperial Crown of the Empire. Former viceroy of Reunion at the time of Paisean domination, Claudio I fought for our independence from tyranny and evil.  After months of negotiations with the Government of O País!, His Imperial Majesty  declared the independence of the Holy Empire; soon, Reunion received ex cathedra recognitions from many micronations. Months later, O País! became inactive, and was annexed to the Holy Empire. During his rule, Reunion has grown from a "small" micronation to an influent, active micronation; It has annexed eight other nations, and been portrayed many times by macronational news sources in 17 countries, such as newspapers and TV Networks.
                       The Reunian Monarchy; an efficient system of government                      

                       His Majesty rules the Empire by acclamation of the Reunian people, representing God in Reunian territory. Reunion is a Constitutional Monarchy (under the rule of our Magna Carta, the Sacred Constitution of 1997 - the Sagrada), a controlled democracy. His Majesty is assisted by the Distinguished Imperial Council (the High Chamber of our Legislative Branch) and by the Lord Protector (His Chief of Staff) on His decisions;  the Council works as a Senate does in a Federative Republic, but their decisions have a character of "suggestion", which  may be overruled by the Emperor.   However, the Emperor has not vetoed a decision of the Council for the last 10 months.
                      The Country is governed, however, by the Premier and the People's Assembly of Qualicates, in a system of checks and balances. The Premier is elected by the P.A.Q. every three months, and the Assembly is elected by the people every six months. Unless the Emperor feels that there is a need to interfere on what they are doing, they have full control of the Reunian State.
                      Emperor Claudio represents the "Moderative Branch", which allows Him to interfere in decisions from the Legislative, the Executive and the Judiciary. Also, the "Imperial Decrees" and the "Glorious Ordinances" are a resource often used to make things faster; if an I.D. is used, there is no need to consult with the Council, which turns the Reunian System of Government  into one of the fastest and more efficient in the world.

                      Imperial Protocol; Symbols

                       Some rules must be observed when dealing to His Majesty. He must be addressed as "Your Holy, Imperial Majesty", and referred to as "His Holy, Imperial Majesty". Whenever His Majesty is present in a building, the Imperial Banner (that vertical flag on the Empire's Index page) must be shown outside of it.  When the Emperor enters or exits a public building, the Imperial March (this music you are listening right now - but the classic version - if you have a sound card), composed by Johann Pachelbel, must be played.
                        His Majesty always refers to Himself as "We", act by which He reaffirms to be the representative of the Lord in the Holy Empire. All the pronouns, when related to Him, are to be capitalized. Another symbol of His magnificence is the Holy Imperial Crown, which is only used in very special occasions.

                      A work-day of His Holy, Imperial Majesty

                      The first thing His Majesty does in the morning is to read many micronational newspapers (from the Orange Peel to The Southern Cross, passing through Folha de Porto Claro and O Cometa) and the RNA bulletin. The RNA also prepares a compilation of what many micronational press agencies and newspapers have said on the previous day, to keep Him informed of what is going on in the micronational world.  After that, the Emperor starts to read His personal e-mails (about 70 or 75 every day), official e-mails (about 20 every morning) and takes a look at the micronational newsgroups.
                      Right after having breakfast, His Majesty answers about 40% of his e-mails, and redirects the others to the Imperial Press Consultantship, who will respond each and everyone of those messages. Most of the days, His Majesty enters a chat (through ICQ) with one ore more sovereigns from other micronations.
                      The afternoons are reserved to Ceremonies, preparation of Imperial Decrees and other official duties. It is on the afternoons that Emperor Claudio has meetings with the Premier, Deana Troi; together, they decide the future of the nation.
                      Every night, the Emperor has a meeting with the Imperial Chancellor (Duke Jeremy Johnson, who is also His Majesty's personal secretary) and another one with the Spokesman of the Imperial Press Consultantship, Miss. Gláucia Borsato.  Then His Majesty usually talks to Her Honor, Chief Judge Roberta Bourbon, Marquis Olympio Neto and to Mr. Erik Fitzgerald (Head of the ICW3, government office responsible for the Reunian websites), about technical aspects such as the websites of the Holy Empire and how to set up, for instance, a WWW BOARD for the Holy Empire.
                      Before going to bed, the Emperor examines the list sent by the Ministry of Tourism and Immigration with the new citizens who have been accepted into the Holy Empire, and gives it his assent.
                      Life in Family

                      His Majesty lives in the Imperial Palace of Saint-Denis, localized in the Royal District.   His office is located in the Palace, and the nation is ruled from there.  The Emperor is married (September 29th, 1997) to Empress Roberta - Her Imperial Majesty, the Empress Consort, daughter of an Italian merchant and a Brazilian bussinesswoman.   Other people who live in the Palace are the Imperial Dog - "Bingo" - and many servants (amongst them the hilarious Zilda, the efficient butler Roberto and the maid Tânia)..
                      His Majesty's brother, Prince Maurice Bourbon, lives in the Xubacca Palace, miles away from the Imperial Palace, with his wife, Princess Consort Anna.  His Highness has lunch together with the Emperor and the Empress, at the Imperial Palace of Saint Denis. Other members of the Family are Their Majesties,  Queen Mother Lourdes and Imperial Patriarch Sergio, who live in the Xanadu Palace, in Saint-Benoit, capital of Straussia.     
                     The Emperor has a very active family life, being together with many of His relatives many times a week. 

                     Life in the Macronational World

                     A law student at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Emperor Claudio I - or Cláudio André Padilha R. de Castro - was born in the fifth of May of 1979.   His girlfriend Roberta - the Empress - goes to the same university he does, and is a law student too. A soccer maniac (his team is the America Football Clube of Rio de Janeiro), he is a member of the  Brazilian Progressive Party (PPB), the most conservative party in Brazil. He went to school at Colégio São Marcelo (Saint Marcelo High School) and lives in a house in the town of Barra da Tijuca, near the beach. In 1996, he went to Massachusetts (USA) as an interchange student, and stayed there for 6 months - in Amesbury. In June of that year, he got his high school diploma from the Amesbury High School.  He works at  Sérgio Castro Imóveis, a Real Estate company, on afternoons only.
                    His favorite movies - he loves to go to movie theaters - are "Arsenic and Old Lace" and "Madness of King George".  While in High School, he nurtured a profound hatred towards mathematics and calculus, but was the best student in History, Geography and Portuguese classes. If you ever want to make him happy, offer him some chocolate-chips ice cream. The Emperor is a big fan of Alice Cooper, Cheb Khaled and Enrique Iglesias. Annoy him by listening to "Samba", offering him free membership in a Communist party or putting onions in his food. Cláudio has a purple General Motors car, and is a careful driver (although he was involved in a couple of little car crashes).

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HHIM's ICQ UIN is 6434185


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