This page serves as a repository for all LOSS documents, resolutions, and speeches that would serve an interest for the general population. A reminder that all transcriptions of communications in the LOSS General Assembly are a matter of public record, and there exists an archive of past messages sent over the list that is viewable by the public at YahooGroups, the official mailserver for the LOSS.

The Original LOSS Treaty The treaty between Talossa, the Imperial Jahn Empire and Thord that was the genesis of the LOSS. Thanks to His Majesty Robert Ben Madison of Talossa for providing the LOSS with this piece of history.

The first LOSS Website, as of October, 1996, with little changes by Secretary-General Aguiar. It was a single page, hosted originally under the Talossan website. Design and text by Robert Ben Madison, 1995 (images could not be recovered).

Official Message to the LOSS from Porto Claro, dating September 5, 1996, this was the first message ever sent by Porto Claro to another micronational body, and is considered to be the birth document of the Latin American Micronational community.

The LOSS 1997 Agenda, addressed by Secretary-General Pedro Aguiar on January 22, 1997.

Innauguration of the first LOSS Mailing List, by Secretary-General Lise Mendel on September 30, 1997.

The Original Draft Charter, issued by Secretary-General Lise Mendel on September 30, 1997.

The current LOSS charter, ratified on November 9, 1998. A creation of past and present LOSS councils.

Statement from the Secretary-General on the US and UK Air Strikes in Iraq, was made in the General Assembly, reaffirming the LOSS' stance as an organization of peace and a model for the macronations.

Statement from the Secretary-General on the passing of Jordan's King Hussein, as a result of a motion made by the Talossan delegate and seconded by the Morovian delegate, the LOSS "Day of Peace" honouring the late King was instituted on February 16, 1999.

Resolution from the Secretary-General supporting the aggression of the USA against Afghanistan, this resolution was voted and passed by the General Assembly although breaking the principles of pacifism established by the Charter

Resolution establishing the Official Symbols of the League, proposed by Ambassador Talanda-Fisher from UUU, passed by the General Assembly, and granting official status to the Flag and Seal designed by former Sec-Gen Pedro Aguiar in 2000.

At this point, the archives are rather bare. If you have anything that would be appropriate for this page (ie past LOSS declarations, correspondence, etc.), especially that date before the creation of the Yahoo!Groups email group (July 16, 1998), please let the webmaster know.