The League of Secessionist States was founded on the 26th of November, 1980 by the Kingdom of Talossa, the Kingdom of Thord and the Imperial Jahn Empire, as an organization to unite micronations. Micronations, also known as ephemeral states, imaginary states, model nations, counter-countries and unrecognized states, are a growing phenomenon.

They range from the inventions of single individuals to (virtually) functioning societies with populations in the thousands, often spread across 'national' boundaries. What they have in common is the voluntary nature of citizenship, which is unrecognized by the established (Macro-)nations. They have often been described as the future of nationhood; communities of like minded individuals who do not rely on an accident of birth or geography to define themselves as compatriots.

Currently, the League of Secessionist States is an organization of 36 such micronations; it exists to promote intermicronational communication and partnership, and serves to act as a supramicronational, impartial body where such a need for one exists. As of February, 2002, Mr. Fred Church from the Democracy of Cherusken-Isonomia is serving as the Secretary-General.

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