Lo que sigue es una citación de la Carta de la LOSS, artículo II, sección 1:

The following steps must be taken by a micronation in order to acquire membership in the LOSS.

i. The authorized agent of the micronation to conduct diplomatic affairs (hereinafter referred to as the "petitioner") shall inform the Secretary-General, at the official e-mail address of Fredsite2@aol.com, of their intention to join LOSS by means of an e-mail which shall include a link to a national web page, and an e-mail address and proper name of their proposed Ambassador; which shall then be forwarded to the LOSS mailing list.

ii. The petitioning micronation must be sponsored by a current member-state in good standing.

iii. The secretary-general shall call a vote asking whether the petitioner's nation shall be admitted into LOSS.

iv. If the vote be affirmative, the petitioning micronation shall immediately become a member-state of LOSS, and the person stated in the email sent to the mailing list via the secretary-general shall become the petitioning nation's delegate to LOSS.

v. A vote shall be taken on the petition only if the petitioning micronation has been independent of its canon country for more than six (6) months.

Tenga nota de esas reglas revisadas para ingresar la Liga. Note que la Liga de los Estados Secesionistas es una organización muy inclusiva , y que, allá del artículo transcripto arriba, nosotros no discriminamos candidatos a miembros sobre qualquier base. Si usted elige ingresar la Liga, nosotros le deseamos lo mejor, y esperamos somar un nuevo miembro más a la Liga.