League of Secessionist States

Founded 26 November 1980

The League of Secessionist States was founded in 1980 by the Kingdom of Talossa, the Kingdom of Thord and the Imperial Jahn Empire, as an organization to unite micronations. More or less dormant since 1983, the League is currently being resuscitated. Mr. Madison (Talossa) and Mr. Aguiar (Porto Claro) have joined forces to bring it to activity again. Your suggestions are always welcome: let's work together to build a viable League of Secessionist States!

For more information on the LOSS and Micronations in general, check out alt.talk.hypothetical, the official forum for micronations and micropatrology.

Flag of Talossa Flag of Riesenguthland-Ellermark Flag of Sandaria Flag of Porto Claro Flag of Union Ruritarian

Member States of the League (17 October 1996):

Goals We Are Providing to the League:

Current Principles of the League:

How to Join:

The current working office of the League of Secessionist States currently is headed by Daniel Aguiar, a Portoclarian citizen elected by members in october/96. He can be contacted by e-mail. He is currently working on some projects for total integration of micronations, and needs your help. The Commonwealth of Port Colice was invited by him to join the League.

If you are interested, just e-mail us and tell us what you would like to see the League of Secessionist States become, and whether you want to be a member or not. If you have suggestions for League organization, policies, or whatever, we need to know!

Talossan King Robert I

"Together, we can make the League of Secessionist States
an enjoyable forum for the promotion of
Micronationalism around the world!"

--Robert I, King of Talossa (co-founder, LOSS 1980)

General Secretary Daniel Aguiar

"To this so important and great intermicronational organization, I promise to conduct all efforts in a goal to unite and integrate micronations throughout the Earth."

--Daniel Aguiar, General Secretary (LOSS 1996)

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